Wittenborg Whisky Book Attracts International Media Attention

"Whisky Burn" and "Whiskey Burn" are two separate travelogue books by British author Ben Birdsall, each exploring the distilleries of Scotland and Ireland, respectively, using a unique mode of travel – a 1979 Vespa.

Whisy Burn - The Book

1. Whisky Burn: This book is not just a guide to Scotland's distilleries but a personal journey of discovery. Over three weeks, Birdsall, a self-professed whisky novice, covers 1,600 kilometres, immersing himself in the process and culture surrounding Scotch whisky. The book is a unique blend of a travel diary and a reference guide, offering a personal and informative look at the whisky distilleries in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland (Whisky Burn) (Wittenborg).

2. Whiskey Burn: The Distilleries of Ireland by Vespa: In this sequel, Birdsall continues his journey of discovery, this time covering the distilleries of Ireland. Again, he covers 1,600 kilometres, offering insights into both established and upcoming Irish distilleries. The book is enriched with anecdotes and observations about the distilling processes and practices, providing a unique perspective for Irish whiskey enthusiasts and travellers alike. This book is a must-read for those who want to delve deeper into the world of Irish whiskey (Whisky Burn) (Irish Tech News).

Both books are notable for their engaging narrative style and the unique perspective of traveling by Vespa. They provide a fresh and personal look at the whisky cultures of Scotland and Ireland. These books are recommended for those interested in whisky and travel, providing a blend of cultural insights, technical information about distilleries, and personal adventures.