Wittenborg Family Day: Bringing People Together Through Food

Wittenborg Family Day: Bringing People Together Through Food

Wittenborg Family Day: Bringing People Together Through Food

Wittenborg Staff Recount Memorable Culinary Experiences

On 14 June, the annual Wittenborg Family Day unfolded at the picturesque De Aze bed and breakfast in Terwolde, offering a scenic view of the surrounding farm. Wittenborg staff, accompanied by their families and friends, gathered for a day of food, drinks and building connections.

One of the highlights of this year’s event was the shared meal, where staff members brought dishes of their own choosing, creating a rich tapestry of global cuisine. From biryani and Sri Lankan chicken curry to chicken rice, mosaic cake, lentil balls, Chinese stir-fried rice noodles, cake and much more, the menu boasted a diverse array of flavours and culinary traditions.

Peter Birdsall, Wittenborg’s president, delighted attendees with his pizzas, drawing from his experience of running an Italian restaurant in Arnhem years ago. Reflecting on the event, he expressed, "The experience of cooking and sharing my food with colleagues was well received. Cooking has been a lifelong passion for me, both professionally and socially."

For Birdsall, the informal atmosphere where work was set aside allowed everyone to enjoy each other’s company.

Sophia Faraji, External Relations & Events Manager at Wittenborg, emphasised the event's role in strengthening the sense of shared spirit within the institution.

"As part of the events team, I personally believe that events like the #WittenborgFamily dinner are crucial in fostering community spirit within Wittenborg. They provide a platform for colleagues to connect on a personal level, beyond professional interactions. Such events help in building strong, supportive relationships among staff, which in turn enhances teamwork and collaboration in the workplace. It also gives us a chance to recognise and appreciate the diverse backgrounds and cultures within our community, enriching our collective experience."

Looking back, Faraji attributed the success of this year’s gathering in part to the setting and the playground, which was popular among children, allowing parents to socialise while their kids played.  

She also highlighted the significant role of food in the event's success: "Colleagues and their families were thrilled with the variety of the food. The shared meal provided a wonderful opportunity for everyone to explore and appreciate different cuisines," she remarked. Participants echoed this sentiment, with one noting, "It was amazing to taste dishes from all over the world. It felt like a cultural feast!"

Buon Appetito: Celebrating Food

Allegra Zazzaro, Admissions Administrator from Italy, made 'Torta della nonna' and 'Caprese', along with savoury items like 'torte salate', aiming to showcase lesser-known Italian culinary delights. She shared, "I wanted to bring something traditional yet different from the usual. This event is a fantastic way for colleagues to come together and share their cultures."

Sinan Colosan, Student Registrar from Türkiye, recounted his wife’s contribution of a mosaic cake, a beloved Turkish dessert. "Sharing homemade food and receiving appreciation for it is incredibly fulfilling," he explained. "This event stands out as my favourite at Wittenborg, where we get to meet each other's families and enjoy delicious, diverse food together."

WUP 25/06/2024 
by Erene Roux 
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Wittenborg Family Day Bringing People Together Through Food
Wittenborg Family Day Bringing People Together Through Food
Wittenborg Family Day Bringing People Together Through Food