Students Discuss Classic Film ‘12 Angry Men’ During Project Week

Students Discuss Classic Film ‘12 Angry Men’ During Project Week

Students Discuss Classic Film ‘12 Angry Men’ During Project Week

Activity Centred on Themes Such as Group Dynamics, Leadership and Critical Thinking

A group of Wittenborg bachelor’s students recently had the opportunity to learn more about group dynamics in a fun way, by delving into the classic film ‘12 Angry Men’ during a Project Week conducted by the school. The activity addressed themes such as the complexity of human interactions and conflicts, as well as notions of justice and ethics. 

The 1957 movie was directed by Sidney Lumet and features Henry Fonda as its protagonist. It tells the story of a jury of 12 men as they deliberate the conviction or acquittal of a teenager charged with murder; disagreements and conflicts among them force the jurors to question their morals and values. 

In total, the Project Week involved 114 bachelor’s students, out of which 62 are from Phase 1 and 52 from Phase 2. The participants watched the movie in class and were also supplied with transcripts of the screenplay that served as the basis for the film, which helped them complete the assignments afterwards. 

Working in groups, all students were required to answer reflective questions regarding ‘12 Angry Men’, submitting their work online. Additionally, they discussed their findings in interactive presentations followed by Q & A sessions. The questions centred on the topics of ‘Group Dynamics’ and ‘Leadership’ for Phase 1 students and ‘Tension in the Play’ and ‘Critical Thinking’ for those currently in Phase 2. 

Wittenborg assistant professor and deputy head of the Business School Fahad Shakeel was responsible for coordinating the activity, together with Examinations Manager and Senior Lecturer Lucy Omwoha.  

Shakeel highlights that ‘12 Angry Men’ has often been used by higher education institutions to teach important lessons about Group Dynamics, Leadership and Critical Thinking. 

He comments that the students were engaged and enthusiastic about the activities. “This is one of the most influential and top-rated films of all time. Since a major portion of our student body is composed of international students, it is crucial that they are equipped with skills that help them navigate better through professional and personal life. Activities like these are meant to enable participants to build on a logical approach to problem solving and to help them become aware of their own biases in making decisions of all kinds.” 

Bachelor’s student Babjan Syed, specialising in Financial Service Management, says that he really enjoyed participating in the project week, adding that the movie made him reflect on how people approach justice differently. “I am always thrilled about the project weeks because they give us opportunities to develop multiple skills, such as teamwork, leadership and creating effective presentations. These competences can come in very handy in our careers.”

WUP 05/07/2024 
by Ulisses Sawczuk 
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