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A message for Christmas

A message for Christmas

This is the time of year when we all look forward to a few festive days, away from the incredibly busy lives we all lead, looking back at what has gone, preparing for what is to come.
As an ancestor is reported to have said, "Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection." 
And what an incredible year it has been at Wittenborg, celebrating our 30th anniversary, welcoming many students from the Netherlands and around the world to Apeldoorn, to our entrepreneurship in Amsterdam, and our new location in Vienna!
It was a year in which Wittenborg and its team gained home and international recognition for its internationalisation and its diversity, and for its international programmes. It was a year in which Wittenborg was recognised as being ranked 4th Best Small University of Applied Sciences – a proud moment for students and staff.
During 2017 - the Wittenborg family reached totals of almost 700 students and over 80 staff members. Building this great team has been inspiring, and while we welcomed lots of new colleagues this year, we also sadly said goodbye to two important members of the team.
We would like to thank sincerely our team of colleagues for making our achievements seem so easy, and for our wonderful students for joining us on this journey.
We wish everyone happy holidays, however long or short they may be, and however close or far from home you might be. Go safely!
And what of 2018? – That’s for another message!

A message for Christmas

WUP 23/12/2017

by James Wittenborg
©Wittenborg University Press



Students and staff enjoy festivities at campus Vienna, Amsterdam and Apeldoorn

Students and staff enjoy festivities at campus Vienna, Amsterdam and ApeldoornThis week, students and staff have enjoyed Christmas drinks and snacks at the different locations in the Netherlands and Austria. CEO Maggie Feng joined students in Amsterdam for the Christmas party, and chair Peter Birdsall visited students in Vienna for a festive drink at the famous Christkindlmarkt.

Yesterday students and staff at the main campus in Apeldoorn celebrated the start of the festive season with an informal event at the Irish Pub in the towns central bar and restaurant area.

WUP 21/12/2017

by James Wittenborg
©Wittenborg University Press




Wittenborg Set to End 2017 on a High as Student Numbers Soar

ittenborg Set to End 2017 on a High as Student Numbers Soar The growth spurt in student numbers that Wittenborg has experienced in 2017 seems set to continue right to the end of the year, with a steady growth of around 15% student numbers overall.

Yesterday, Wittenborg registrar, Santosh Aryal, said almost 40 new students will start classes next week - double the number of those who commenced their studies in December last year. "In fact, we want to remind prospective students that they can still apply right up to 31 December 2017, as the admissions team will only be 'off-duty' on 25 and 26 December," Aryal said. We are looking forward to the next intake which occurs in February 2018.


‘What goes around comes around’

‘What goes around comes around’ 

According to the Oxford dictionary, it is a saying that means ‘the consequences of one's actions will have to be dealt with eventually.’

This week, a remarkable week for Wittenborg, also saw a milestone for myself. Whilst Wittenborg celebrates its 30th anniversary, almost 15 years ago to the day, Maggie and I started our journey with this wonderful institute, after having left the pioneering days of fledgling internationalisation at Saxion.Saxion Wishes Wittenborg University happy birthday

From 1995 to 2002 I had been at the forefront of developing international programmes at what became Saxion Universities of Applied Science, and when we left in the autumn of 2003, it was with the normal animosity that is sparked by rivalry. That was 15 years ago, and of course we carried on pioneering at Wittenborg until 2010, when we moved our university to Apeldoorn - but thats another story.

Today Wittenborg and Saxion share aGraduation Pabo Saxion 2018 higher education campus in Apeldoorn and there is a common goal - to maintain, improve and excel in higher education in the region.

This week started with the release of the ‘Study Choice Guide’ 2018 (Keuzegids), in which Saxion was ranked 4th in its group of large universities of applied sciences, and Wittenborg was ranked 4th in its category of ‘small’ universities of applied sciences.  Overall Saxion scored 60.5 and Wittenborg 83.5. Saxion has 56 different programmes, Wittenborg 1 broad bachelor with 10 programmes …. although its nice, you can see the ‘apples versus pears’ conundrum.

However, what was great was this - we ended last week celebrating the real anniversary of Wittenborg (21 September 1987), and started this week with a wonderful bunch of flowers, to congratulate us, from our neighbours, Saxion Hospitality Business School. 

On Tuesday, the circle was complete, when I attended my daughters graduation ceremony, at Saxion Deventer, where she was awarded a bachelor’s in Education (PABO). apart from being a very proud moment for a very proud Dad, and a wonderful occasion for all, I did have a feeling of ‘what goes around, comes around’.

Wittenborg's "Whisky Burn" Writer All Set to Embark Upon the Sequel.

Wittenborg's "Whisky Burn" Writer All Set to Embark Upon the Sequel.As a sequel to his well-received travelogue/guide to the distilleries of Scotland, “Whisky Burn”, published by Wittenborg University Press, Ben Birdsall is set to embark upon the ‘sequel’ – the distilleries of Ireland.

Where are you going this time?
Mid July, I am taking a clockwise, more or less coastal route from Dublin to Dublin, passing through some of the most important cities, like Cork, Limerick, Galway, Belfast, (are there any others?) and back to Dublin again. 1,600km, I think, which should take about three weeks.

How are you travelling?
The only way to travel – by Vespa! I’m shipping my trusty 1979 50cc to Dublin on a pallet, then flying in and collecting it the day I start the trip.  I often get asked why I don’t just hire a car, well, the answer to that is it wouldn’t be the same.  I’ve been making Vespa trips like this for years now, in Italy, Switzerland, last time in Scotland, and now Ireland, so it has become a sort of tradition. Also, I paint landscapes along the way and the Vespa suits me in two ways for that – I can park up pretty much anywhere, and it goes so slowly (max. 42 kmph) that I don’t miss anything.  I always bring along a tent, so accommodation is never a problem.

How successful has the first book been?

Wittenborg's Partner Institute, University of Brighton, Awarded Silver in TEF Awards

Wittenborg's Partner Institute, Brighton University, Awarded Silver in TEF AwardsWittenborg’s main partner-institute, the University of Brighton in the UK, has been awarded a silver rating for the quality of its teaching in the 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

The TEF is a government-backed assessment of undergraduate teaching quality across all higher education institutions in England and also includes some institutions in Scotland and Wales.

Wittenborg – which is partially British-owned – started its official collaboration with Brighton in 2011 when it announced plans to offer three Master of Science programmes in partnership with Brighton. These are the MSc in International Hospitality Management, International Event Management and International Tourism Management which were offered from September 2012.

Today it also offers an MSc in Sport Business Management in conjunction with Brighton. Students will therefor earn a double degree upon graduation – a Dutch and British degree. Modules are taught by lecturers from both institutions and students annually make a weeklong trip in the Spring to visit the Brighton campus.

Wittenborg and Brighton also offer a joint Bachelor in Hospitality Management (BHM) and a Bachelor in Entrepreneurial Business Administration (EBA). For both students will earn a double degree upon completion of their studies.

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