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WUAS Project Week from the Perspective of Nnamdi Austin

Wittenborg student finds inspiration to maintain healthy lifestyle

Wittenborg's Project Week SDG#3, 2022, on Good Health & Well-being concluded one month ago, so it is a good time for all participants to look back on these inspiring three days of lectures, workshops and a fantastic finale. Wittenborg MBM Digital Marketing and Communication student Nnamdi Austin from Nigeria participated in this project week and shares his experiences after inspiring lecturers about health and wellbeing on his first day of Project Week at the Orpheus Theatre. How does he look back on this project week?  

"My expectations of this project week have come true. We learnt about healthy eating and the importance of exercise to train your body and mind," says Austin. He sees how investing in his physical and mental health can improve his study and work performance: "It makes my mind sharper, my brain processes information more easily and I feel healthier." The project week has inspired Austin to reflect on his current lifestyle and decide to start living healthier: "I am thinking of going to the gym again after this week, as I see how much impact a healthy lifestyle has in my life and in my daily performance."

Wittenborg would like to thank Nnamdi Austin and all other students for participating and making this wonderful project week possible. The school is looking forward to a fantastic and inspiring Block 4 in which the students will use the knowledge gained during the project week.

WUP 28/01/2022
by Niels Otterman
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