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More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

Winter Graduation Ceremony Held at Apeldoorn’s Prestigious Orpheus Theatre

More than 100 Wittenborg bachelor’s and master’s students experienced a special moment in their lives last Friday, 9 February, as the school’s traditional Winter Graduation Ceremony was held at the prestigious Orpheus Theatre in Apeldoorn. 

The new cohort of graduates comprises those who studied on programmes at the school’s Apeldoorn, Amsterdam and Munich locations. It includes representatives of 30 nationalities: Nigeria, Vietnam, Türkiye, Netherlands, Iran, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, India, Morocco, Nepal, United Kingdom, Russia, Congo, Egypt, Ukraine, Italy, Lebanon, Afghanistan, South Africa, United States, Albania, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Chile, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Gabon, Kazakhstan and Syria.  

During the ceremony, the Orpheus Theatre was filled with proud parents, family members, friends and lecturers who supported the graduates throughout their journeys. 

The event included such memorable moments as the speech delivered by Patrick Birdsall, father of Wittenborg’s president Peter Birdsall. Reflecting on his extensive experience in education, Birdsall Sr. pointed out the importance of international education today, especially in view of the challenges currently faced by the world. 

“An interconnected world urgently requires collaboration across so many different cultures, communities, belief systems, industries and commerce in order to find urgent solutions to address the challenges which past generations have helped to create on this planet that we now share. Nationalism and traditional borders have started to become meaningless, and the challenges concerning climate change, pandemics and mass immigration cannot be solved by one country closing its doors.”

According to Birdsall, in the face of political turbulence around the world, international education becomes a unifying, uniting and stabilising force by its very nature, fostering a culture of critical thinking, understanding and empathy.

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

“As you step out from here as graduates into the broader world, remember that your acquired learning now empowers you to contribute meaningfully to an international society that will transcend those divisive forces which currently threaten unsuccessfully to turn the clock back. The knowledge and skills you’ve acquired during your education do not merely comprise a collection of facts and figures, but have given you a powerful tool that will equip you to navigate the complexities and challenges of an ever-changing global landscape,” he highlighted. 

Deputy Head of the School of Business Fahad Shakeel encouraged the new graduates to follow their inspirations and adapt and evolve as individuals. “In order to keep evolving, an older version of you needs to die, so that a new one can be born. However, change for the sake of change is not good enough, because this transformation needs to be guided by sincere and honest values. To achieve that, you need to identify the factors that are consuming your time and hindering your progress and eliminate them. In this way, you will enable your inner inspiration to grow stronger.” 

Timothy Mescon, member of Wittenborg’s Advisory Board, urged the new graduates to develop their ability to listen to other people. “In today’s highly contentious world, so many people have lost their ability to simply listen. It is essential to be able to listen to what people are saying, as well as to what they are not saying. And you also have to listen to what people want to say but simply don’t know how to express, which takes real skill. This is what will bring understanding, empathy and authenticity to relationships around the world.” 

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

Reaching a significant milestone

Vietnamese graduate Truong Xuong Long, who obtained a BBA degree in Hotel & Hospitality Services Management, said that he was really grateful to be part of Wittenborg and excited to start a new chapter in his life. “As an international student, the most important thing that I’ve learned during my journey here is that friends are essential in your life. I have learned a great deal about other cultures, and I have also acquired lots of important knowledge. I feel really lucky because I have met many great lecturers and friends at Wittenborg.” 

Salem Ihab Salem, from Egypt, points out that by studying at Wittenborg, he has become better equipped to deal with life’s challenges, having learned to approach them in a strategic way. “I have just finished a master’s degree in Sports Business, and I hope to open my own swimming academy, as I am a professional swimmer. To do that, I will use the knowledge that I acquired during my course.” 

BBA graduate Maheen Chaudry, from the Netherlands, has just obtained a degree in Logistics and International Trade, in addition to being Wittenborg’s Facility & Student Support Coordinator. “I am feeling a lot of emotions right now; I am really happy, but I am also nervous at the same time, and most of all I am grateful to be here. The most important thing that I have learned at Wittenborg is to be open and have an open mindset. When you are in an international environment, it is fundamental to be very aware of other people’s cultures and points of view,” she commented. 

WUP 13/02/2024

by Ulisses Sawczuk

©WUAS Press 

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World

More than 100 Wittenborg Graduates Ready to Take on the World