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MBA and MBM Hospitality Students Visit Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

Activity Sheds Light on Hotel’s History and Operational Aspects

To provide Wittenborg master’s students specialising in hospitality with a behind-the-scenes view of a traditional luxury hotel, associate professor Vanessa Menezes organised a group visit to the Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam on 3 June. Conducted as part of the module International Hospitality Development, the activity was attended by eight students.

The group was welcomed by Talent & Development Project Executive Mara Romero Heredia, from Lore Group, an international hospitality company with hotels in the UK, United States and the Netherlands. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to learn more about the hotel’s history, operational aspects and unique selling points while being guided by Heredia on a tour of the establishment, which included its rooms, suites, restaurants, gym, gardens and lobby. Located in central Amsterdam – among the city’s historic canals – the Pulitzer emphasises, in its ambience, the history and culture of the Dutch capital.
“Activities like this connect the academic environment to the industry and, additionally, they are a way for the students to understand, in practice, the concepts we discuss in the classroom,” associate professor Vanessa Menezes stressed.

MBA and MBM Hospitality Students Visit Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam

MBM student Somayeh Mouri, specialising in Hospitality Management, said that she really appreciates the way Hotel Pulitzer is structured, with 25 historic houses combined together – each with its own character. “The Art Collector’s Suite is amazing, and being there felt like going to a museum, with a great combination of modern and ancient art in the same place. Through this visit, we learned that hospitality entails big responsibilities, and each staff member has to give his best to satisfy the customers and live up to their expectations in order to keep a successful business.”

For Nishant Singh, who is pursuing an MBA degree in Hospitality and Services Management, the fact that Hotel Pulitzer values its heritage makes it unique when compared to other 5-star hotels. Singh added that the visit gave students the chance to meet new people and make new professional connections, which will be useful when looking for jobs. “Overall, it was a great experience and they even talked about interesting internship opportunities at the hotel. I am grateful to Vanessa for organising this activity,” he said.

WUP 22/6/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
©WUAS Press

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