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Arvin Gharib Outlines Vision for Wittenborg's New Student Representatives

New Student Representative Chairman opens up about plans for the year

Wittenborg is gearing up for an enriching academic year, with Arvin Gharib at the helm as the newly appointed chairman of the Student Representatives. In a new interview, Gharib outlined his ambitious plans and vision for the team, emphasising collaboration, inclusivity and proactive engagement.

At Wittenborg, ten newly appointed Student Representatives will assess programme content, teaching quality and the student experience. They will gather feedback from students on aspects like teaching, facilities, accommodation and extracurricular activities, continuing the role of their predecessors.

Gharib, an MBA (Master of Business Administration) student specialising in International Management and Education Quality Assistant (Intern) in Apeldoorn, highlighted the importance of collaboration within Wittenborg: "Collaboration is key. We want to work hand in hand with both students and faculty to address challenges and build a stronger, more vibrant academic community." Gharib envisions a united effort to bridge the gap between students and the administration, creating a culture of respect.

Gharib's plans include organising and facilitating events, activities, and initiatives that foster student engagement. Recognising the diversity at Wittenborg, he intends to promote collaboration between different nationalities and create initiatives to help students integrate into the community. Gharib is particularly enthusiastic about the introduction of clubs, starting with a cinema club, music club or business club to provide students with a platform for self-expression and connection.

Another key aspect of Gharib's plans is to advocate for the rights of students. He emphasised the importance of creating a place where students feel comfortable coming forward with their concerns. Gharib stated, "There must be a safe space for students to come forward and talk to us."

During a meeting on 29 January, Gharib and other student representatives appointed Ajva Waseem, an EBA (Entrepreneurial Business Administration) student in Amsterdam as Vice-Chairman. The Secretaries also include Ashkan Abazarian, an EBA student in Amsterdam, and Temitope Adeyinka, a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) student in Apeldoorn, who said that her main goal is to see that students experience a smooth academic journey and to offer practical solutions that meet the needs and concerns of students.

Urvashi Dalal, an MBA student based in Amsterdam, shared her vision and goals as she embarks on her role as a Student Representative at Wittenborg. She said: "My prime agenda would be to become a problem-solving point of contact between the teacher and the students. I would be happy to serve as a mentor, guide and advocate for the students to support them on their journey."

Alexandra Kukhtina, an IBA (International Business Administration) student in Apeldoorn, formed part of the 2022-2023 Student Representative Council, occupying the position of Assistant Secretary. "The team conducted great projects last year and came up with impactful ideas for the next year. I would like to help the new team in the realisation of these ideas, which would enrich Wittenborg students’ educational experiences. Together we could make positive changes. Everything is in our hands."  

Oluwatobiloba Alonge, Oluwasanmi Temiloluwa, Karen Chinaenye Chuk and Peyman Zamani Boroujeni complete the new student representatives.

WUP 21/02/2024

by Erene Roux

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